860 Glenneyre Street, Laguna Beach, California 92651, United States

(949) 715-3707

Roux Creole Cuisine

Come Enjoy Southern Hospitality

Roux Creole Cuisine Personalties


Chef, robert villanueva

Executive Chef, Robert Villanueva

Formally trained at San Francisco California Culinary Academy, Chef Robert spent his first years in Bay Area kitchens absorbing the nuances of fine cuisine in all its forms under the tutelage of French, Italian, Chinese, Creole and Austrian chefs. Having traveled all over the world, Chef Robert brought his sense of culinary discovery to the Creole and Southern menu Chef Robert created for Roux Creole Cuisine.


michael byrne, owner

"The idea of owning a Creole restaurant in Laguna Beach is something I've been thinking about for almost a decade. The 25 year old hallowed space, Cafe Zoolu reminded me of many of the restaurants I had seen in New Orleans that were just a block or two off the main streets of downtown.  When Michael & Toni decided to retire and the opportunity to make the dream became a possible reality, I asked three of my best friends if they would be interested and consequently, Roux was created. Our goal is to give you an experience that is unique but also respects the importance of what was formerly Michael & Toni's Cafe Zoolu. The space is truly a gem owned by the locals of Laguna Beach."


860 glenneyre street history

A family home built in the late 1930's, owned by the local artist Leonard Kaplan. The home became a gallery of Kaplan's work and Pre Columbian artifacts. Eventually, a restaurant opened in the space and over 27 years ago was taken over by Michael and Toni Leech as Cafe Zoolu. Roux Creole Cuisine has been open since August 2017.